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The church at Bethesda is part of the worldwide family of Christians, united in our conviction that God became one of us in the person of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He died in our place, suffering the just punishment for our sins, and rose again from the dead to offer us forgiveness and a new life.

Answering Big Questions

Running on Sunday evenings starting the 14th June 2020. Meetings will be held via the Zoom internet conferencing App. Please contact us at our church email address bethesdaevangelicalchurchuk@gmail.com to join the meeting.

Coronavirus book



“Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” In just 62 pages Oxford mathematics Professor John Lennox provides an answer to this question.

  ‘John Lennox helps us intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually in the perplexing world of Covid-19, not with the trite positivity of social media memes, but with clear thinking and solid foundations. To cope right now — to banish fear and feel connected — turn off Netflix, YouTube, and Disney, and read this instead’.  Dr Lee Gatiss.

 If you live in the Stockton Heath area and would like a free copy of this short book, please email us at bethesdaevangelicalchurchuk@gmail.com with your address and we will send you a copy. 

 We promise your address will be used for this purpose ONLY and afterwards will be immediately deleted from our records.