Sunday morning family church resumed on 20th September at 11am, with further servics planned for 27th September and 4th October.   Much time has been spent over the last few months preparing for this and making sure that we can open in a COVID secure way.

There is no communion service planned for these evenings and this section of the web site will be updated with details of future services. Please appreciate things are moving fast and the restrictions mean things are not operating as normal.

If it is your intention to join us on Sunday, please consider these key points:

1. Let us know you are coming: Please email to let us know you are coming and if you are bringing anyone. Capacity is reduced and is also dependent on the size of each group/household unit.  If you change your mind please let us know.  We will contact you if we are over capacity.

2. Live stream:  We will continue to live stream the service for those who cannot attend or don’t feel ready yet. 

3. Arrive promptly: There is a lot of preparation required to get ready for registration so please arrive no sooner than 10:45 this will give us time to get everyone seated for a prompt start at 11am.  Please give those in front of you plenty of time to get in and registered before you come in.  Perhaps if there is a queue forming you could wait in the car for a short while.

4. Registration and Masks:  You will be greeted at the door and then when ready asked to go to the registration desk.  At the registration desk there is a hand sanitising station and your details will be taken for track and trace purposes and then destroyed after 21 days.  Masks are required by law so unless you are exempt should be put on at the door and kept on unless you are taking part in the service (e.g. to read or pray from the front).  PLEASE NOTE:  it is our understanding that a visor is not an adequate substitute for a mask. 

5. Seating and Social Distancing: After registration you will be directed to your seat.  The building will generally be filled up from the front to avoid any need for walking past those already seated.  It is important to sit where you are asked and once seated you shouldn't move.  Seating has been set out to maintain 1.5m between rows.  Groups will be seated with 2 chairs in between providing 1.5m side-to-side as well.  This follows the 1m+ guidance where the arrangement of the seating reduces the risk to allow for less than 2m.

6. Singing: Unfortunately singing is not currently permitted.  The music team will play and sing songs for you to listen to and will be appropriately distanced to make sure we are COVID secure.  The words of the songs will still be projected on the screen so perhaps use the time to offer your worship in prayer and contemplation.  Of course if you are sitting at home watching on the live stream feel free to make as joyful a noise as you would like.

7. Leaving: Please follow the instructions at the end of the service to leave promptly.  You will be asked to exit via the fire door and there will be a hand sanitising station.  We are expected to leave the church grounds promptly so please be conscious of the laws around gathering.

8. Toilets: Please use your own facilities before coming to church as we want to minimise the use of the toilets.  If access is needed during the service then please keep to the one way system and exit from the rear of the church building and return via the front door past the registration desk again.

If you do have any questions or concerns, please do contact one of the leaders at the email address above.