Message from the pastor                                               Mike

Thursday 28th May 2020

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is PENTECOST!  A key moment in the life of the early church recorded for us in Acts 2, and a key time for the church today to remember the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. No-one can become a Christian without the Holy Spirit to awaken us and no-one can live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.  So take a moment to say "Thank You" and also make it your daily pray to be "filled with the Spirit" as we were commanded last week in Ephesians 5:18.

Our songs and prayers on Sunday morning will focus on the Holy Spirit - the songs will be:

Spirit of the Living God
Hear our cry O King of heaven (Hope and Glory)

Holy Spirit living breath of God
Our final song will be to the tune for "Crown Him with many crowns" - but the words are the ones below

Revive your church, O Lord,
in grace and power draw near;
speak with the voice that wakes the dead,
and make your people hear!

Revive your church, O Lord,
disturb the sleep of death;
give life to smouldering embers now
by your almighty breath.


Revive your church, O Lord,
exalt your precious name;
and by your Holy Spirit come
and set our love aflame.

Revive your church, O Lord,
give us a thirst for you,
a hunger for the bread of life
our spirits to renew.


Revive your church, O Lord!
And every soul inspire;
O, kindle in each heart, we pray,
The Pentecostal fire!

Revive your church, O Lord,
and let your power be shown:
the gifts and graces shall be ours,
the glory yours, alone!

Our Bible reading will be Ephesians 5:21-33 - and we are welcoming Phil Hammersley from Liverpool to preach for us.  Pray for Phil and for each of us - that we would all have (as the words of the hymn above state) "a hunger for the bread of life". 

As usual we will be picking up the themes of the sermon in our House Groups next Tuesday and Thursday - if you're not part of a group ('why not' haha!) PLEASE do join us; it's a great time of being the church as we grow and support one another.  Not only are you missing out - so are the rest of us!

Do continue in prayer for those who are - or have been - unwell and those who continue to mourn.  Pray that we would be strengthened each day by the Holy Spirit to face our fears, anxieties, temptations and to fight on in the battle against sin. 

Pray for parents and children as some schools re-open in the coming weeks

Remember to share with family and friends the "Answering Big Questions" sessions that will start - God willing - on Sunday 14th June at 6pm.  More details will follow nearer the time. Pray that those invited will come along (via zoom of course!).

Until next time ...

In Christ Alone