Message from the pastor                                               Mike

Thursday 24th September 2020

Dear Friends

Writing about the amazing promises of God in Isaiah 41:10, John Piper comments:

 1.      “I am your God” — that is, “I am above you. I am over you with my mighty hand.”

2.      “I am with you” — beside you.

3.      “I will help you from whatever angle the enemy may come (or the attack or the threat). I am all around you as your help.”

4.      “I will strengthen you from inside out. I will be your strength.”

5.      “And I will uphold you from underneath you.” 

  “I am over you, I am beside you, I am all around you, I am inside of you, I am under you. You don’t need to fear. You don’t need to be afraid.”  Do not be afraid. There is one great ground for fearlessness: God. “I am your God. I will be with you. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you.” I only have one message: if you have God, you don’t need to be afraid.

 In the days in which we live - given the scenarios being painted concerning the immediate future - these are wonderfully encouraging truths.

As we saw last week, our Father can dry up a flooded river; as we will see this Sunday - God willing - that same Father can destroy "apparently" impregnable cities. Let's trust God's character as we live out his commission in our lives.

We will gather together for Family Church at 11am this Sunday as we look at the well-known story of the fall of Jericho recorded in Joshua Ch5:13-6:27. Do please drop us an email at to tell us you're coming along - we really look forward to seeing you there. 

And please take up the challenge from our House Groups this week - to spend time in preparation and consecration before our service together. 

Remembering who God is also encourages us to pray, and is a source of real comfort for those we are praying for. 

Continue to pray for those facing or recovering from operations.

 Pray for those who are unwell at the moment; and for those in our family who are frail in body and mind.

 Pray for our children - as they meet on zoom before the morning service and as they get back into the "new strangeness" of school life. And also pray for our teenagers - meeting as the Covies group and also facing the challenges of school life.

Thank you for praying for Mike as he went into Sir Thomas Boteler High School this week - it was a great opportunity to share the gospel and build relationships with the whole school community. Pray for fruit that will last into eternity - to the praise of our God.

 Let's continue to pray that the Lord would intervene and bring an end to this COVID-19 situation, and in the meantime, ask Him to protect our meeting together as local churches around the nation and world. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need any practical help.

Until next time ...

In Christ Alone,